A year long cycle of experiential activities that is student led and delivered in the classroom. The curriculum is tailored to meet the climate needs of your school and integrated into the timetable. Student leaders are trained by expert educators with selected teachers acting as champions to guide and continue their development.

Wingman for Schools counters the root causes of rejection, exclusion and isolation with increased empathy and compassion. Students are empowered to take the lead in their school’s climate.

“You’re trying to create a community that cares about the person next to them, regardless of age, race or beliefs… where kids are really looking out for each other”
 — Joel Pardalis
New Fairfield Middle School

Wingman for Schools is available now for middle school grades, including K-8 schools. The Summer of 2017 see the release of a module for elementary schools focused on 5th Grade and Kindergarten.

Districts, schools or parents interested in learning more about Wingman should email us. Visits can be arranged to any of our ambassador schools to see the program in action.

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