Our Mission

The mission of Wingman for Dance is to inspire dancers, regardless of age, level or skill to become helpful heroes that go above and beyond for each other. Wingman boosts children’s confidence and recognizes their unique strengths. Wingman will improve the overall vibe of your studio by creating an atmosphere of connection and belonging.

“The time is right for Wingman for Dance! With so many studios now opening their doors to dancers of ALL abilities, it’s inevitable that there will be questions about differences. Having a resource like Wingman for Dance to help guide the process of discovering our unique qualities in a productive and supportive environment is key to creating a safe, empathetic, and supportive environment for our dancers.” 

—Tricia Gomez, creator of Rhythm Works
Integrative Dance Program

The Wingman for Dance Program Guides provide dance studio owners and dance teachers with resources to create a supportive, inclusive environment. Our program guides contain fun, engaging experiential activities for dancers of all ages.



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