The Mission of Wingman for Camps is to provide youth focused organizations that hold summer camps with a framework of experiential activities that can be integrated into their camp schedule.

Wingman for Camps is designed for all ages of children to experience, regardless of their ability. The primary goal is for all children to feel accepted by recognizing their unique and individual strengths and boosting their self-confidence. Wingman will improve the overall climate of your camp by strengthening camaraderie and developing a stronger, more inclusive community.

Wingman for Camps is designed to be delivered by your counselors or counselors in training (CITs) after they receive a comprehensive one-day training course from one of our dedicated Wingman Trainers.

Contact us for more information about how your Camp can benefit from Wingman.

All organizations accepted into the program will be presented on our League of Wingman map, acknowledging a firm belief in acceptance and inclusion and sending a clear message to potential new campers and their parents about the positive philosophy they profess.

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