Ways to Become an INCLUSIVE Dance Studio in 2018
Dec 2017

Ways to Become an INCLUSIVE Dance Studio in 2018

“Necessity is the mother of invention” – Plato

Change has come…

Racism, bullying, exclusion and division were painfully hot topics in 2017 that divided communities worldwide. This divide opened the doors for innovative heroes to step up and create change by inspiring compassion, empathy, connection and inclusion in the youth leaders of our future through the Wingman for Dance program.

Wingman for Dance (W4D) started 2017 out modestly with 16 dance studios. As you can see by our updated Wingman League MAP, in the last 12 months, the W4D program has expanded to 55 dance studios in 25 US states, 4 studios in Canada and 7 studios in Australia.  We’ve gone global…with a little help from our friends.

Take a look at these elite dance professionals promoting a culture of inclusion to inspire your studio’s vision for 2018.

March Dance Teachers Club of CT Performing Arts Competition, a chapter of Dance Master’s of America, was our first ever W4D Ambassador Competition. Thank you so much, Dody Flynn and Amy DeLoughy, our national ambassadors from Dance Dimensions in Brookfield, CT.  Dance Teachers Club of CT has been integral in the launch and growth by donating to the Wingman program for the last two years.

April – We are excited to be in our second year of co-sponsorship alongside Rhythm Works Integrative Dance (a program designed for those with individual learning differences and special needs) with the National Dance Foundation’s “A Chance To Dance” scholarship award (scholarships for dance teachers and educators who are committed to providing dance educational opportunities based on inclusion, kindness and community). NDF scholarship applications are still being accepted and every applicant receives a special discounted W4D registration rate. Click HERE to apply. 

July – W4D national ambassadors, Dody Flynn (DMA 2nd National Vice President) & Amy DeLoughy, presented the Wingman for Dance program to chapter heads from all over the US & Canada at Dance Master’s of America Nationals in Louisiana and at the DMA Teacher Training School in Buffalo.

August Dance Studio Life Magazine’s featured article “A Culture of Kindness” presented a comprehensive and insightful overview of the Wingman for Dance program. Thank you, Rhee Gold!

October – The United Dance Merchants of America Expo in New Jersey was the very first face to face meeting of the National Dance Foundation (NDF)/Rhythm Works Integrative Dance (RWID)/Wingman for Dance (W4D) teams. These dedicated people helped launch the Wingman for Dance program during our Newtown Dance Mob in May of 2016. Together we have supported, nurtured and enhanced each other’s growth and progress with our like-minded philosophies and ambitions. Cathy Graziano and Tricia Gomez have been instrumental in forwarding the mission and goals of Wingman for Dance and we are so grateful for their friendship and professionalism.

“It is not the strongest of a species that survives nor the most intelligent. It is the one most adaptable to change” – Charles Darwin

Wow…2018 is going to be EPIC for dancers everywhere!

Our friends, collaborators and partnerships have grown exponentially!

As of January 2018, newly certified Rhythm Works Integrative Dance (RWID) and Youth Protection Advocates in Dance (YPAD) (a program building empowered communities to keep youth happy,healthy and safe in dance) dance teachers will gain access to the Wingman for Dance program FREE of charge in 2018.  (Regular studio registration: $99/dance teacher reg: $49) Thank you, Tricia Gomez and Leslie Scott!

Partnerships with elite dance organizations in the US & Canada – Dance Teachers Club of CT, DanceStudioOwner.com and Inspirations Dancewear Studio Membership Program – have allowed us to offer their members an exclusive $70 discount on W4D program registrations. Contact them directly to find out how to you can take advantage of this special members only $29 registration offer. (Regular studio registration: $99/dance teacher reg: $49) Thank you, Suzanne Blake Gerrity and Amber Riedel.

W4D dance gear and limited edition dance wear collections are being created for the 2018 season in the US with our partners Vicky Hammond/ Sport Couture and in Canada, Amber RiedelInspirations Dancewear. Proceeds will support the continued development and growth of the Wingman program.

Our 2018 dance competition partners – Headliners (Wingman partner and the first YPAD certified dance competition in US) and Dance Attack (offering the ultimate in integrity and fairness in a positive, upbeat and friendly environment) in Canada – will feature surprise Wingman awards, coloring pages with Wingman activities for dancers, exciting giveaways and a special $29 Wingman registration promo code for their competing studios. Headliners will also add Wingman for Dance to their roster of non-profit programs that can be chosen to donate to in lieu of trophies at their 2018 competition events.  (Regular studio registration: $99) Thank you Shari Ziegler Tomasiello and Kent McCord!

Speaking of the fabulous Kent McCord – big things happening with Wingman for Dance and Dance Teacher Expo in Toronto this summer – but our lips are sealed! We’ll keep you posted.

Look for joint Rhythm Works/Wingman workshops happening throughout the US in the coming year with scholarship opportunities through National Dance Foundation sponsored by Double Good (a sports/dance/gymnastics fundraising corporation that has created “popcorn with a purpose” giving special needs children opportunities they wouldn’t have access to).  You’re a game changer, Mark Biondi

Wingman and all of the people/organizations we collaborate with embrace the philosophy of “together is better”.  Join us. Become part of the Wingman League with these world-class dance professionals with their exclusive W4D registration offers above. Or REGISTER HERE.


Wingman for Dance is a program from Dylan’s Wings of Change, a foundation dedicated to the memory of Dylan Hockley, one of the first grade victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012. Dylan was six years old and had autism, and could be his best when those around him would be his Wingman. Dylan’s Wings of Change is a part of the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation,a 501c3 registered public charity.


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