“Happiness Everywhere”
Feb 2014

“Happiness Everywhere”

Happiness 1Those were the words of Mrs. Katherin Sniffin, principal of Saint Joseph School in Meriden. This Pre-K through 8th grade faith based school recently completed their first Wingman activity morning. 156 students explored cooperation, teamwork and connection with their fellow classmates and teachers.

To the casual observer the students were enjoying a series of fun games involving movement, interaction, problem solving and discussion. The importance and deeper meaning of the activities was not lost on the participants. A young lady in first grade commented “I learned games are not just for fun, they are educational!”

As well as the excitement in each classroom, we witnessed the amazing transformation of the student leaders. Named the SJS Guardian Angels, these 26 students began their training two months ago and are now confidently facilitating groups of mixed grades through a wide variety of experiential activities. They are responsible for managing the program at their school, guided by the parent and teacher champions assigned to support them.

In this video, students participate in the Tin Can Pass, maneuvering a can containing a tennis ball around the group – with their eyes closed – encouraging and directing their colleagues.

Saint Joseph School will continue with Wingman Activity days through the remainder of the school year, exploring more topics including empathy, courage and leadership. You can find out more on our Wingman page or Contact Us for detailed information about the project.

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