A Chance to Dance
Jun 2016

A Chance to Dance

On Sunday April 24th over 120 dancers and 200 friends and family supporters came together at the Newtown High School blue and gold stadium for the 1st annual Newtown Dance Mob. They were celebrating National Dance Week, a country wide coming together of dancers of all abilities with a uniting theme of “A Chance to Dance”. Adorned in their distinctive NDW T-Shirts, or purple shirts to celebrate Dylan, these dancers from 6 Connecticut studios performed the dance mob routine and showcased their favorite moves for the crowd.

The video created from the event has been entered in this year’s Dance Mob contest and captures the sheer joy and togetherness everyone experienced that day. You can head over to the NDW website, see the Wingman for Dance/Newtown Dance Mob video and (very importantly!) vote for it to win by following this link, we are video #23 and the vote button is under the video.

The event was also the official unveiling of Wingman for Dance program. Before the dance mob got underway, the program was introduced to the crowd by Jessica Michaels, Global Ambassador for Wingman for Dance. Jessica was joined by guest speakers Laque Youngblood of Naugatuck and Kira Flynn of Newtown. Laque described living with autism in middle school and how everyone deserves a chance no matter what their challenges, as everyone has something to offer the world. Kira, a nationally recognized high school student explained how her devotion to promoting inclusion has shaped her career choices and enriched her life. Everyone in the stadium took part in a huge friendship activity before the dance mob, one of the many facets of the Wingman program.

Wingman is a unique youth leadership program from Dylan’s Wings of Change. Wingman for Dance is
the latest module specially adapted for the dance studio environment and designed to inspire young dancers with the courage and empathy to go above and beyond for each other and create strong and inclusive communities. Wingman for Dance was chosen by the National Dance Week Foundation as one of their supported programs, together with Rhythm Works Interactive that educates dance instructors on working with children of all abilities and special needs. Four NDW scholarship winners have been invited into the Wingman program together with the six studios attending the dance mob. General application to join the program will open in July 2016.

To learn more about Wingman, check out our webpage or contact us.

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